Port City Air was founded in 1995 as Port City Aircraft Repair to fulfill the need for a quality general aviation maintenance facility at Portsmouth International Airport. Home was an old military nose dock hangar where full-service maintenance and avionics services were provided for GA aircraft. However, the dream was to one day become a first-class full-service FBO and to provide Portsmouth International Airport with high quality support aviation customers deserve and expect.

In June of 2003, our dreams were finally realized. Renamed Port City Air, we opened the doors of a brand new office and hangar facility and began business as a full-service FBO and 145 Repair Station. Our goal was simple: differentiate ourselves through superior service, uncompromised safety practices, and fair pricing. Because of this, Port City Air has become the premier stop for troops arriving or departing overseas, international tech stops for corporate and commercial flights and a friendly stop for the weekend flier.

In the autumn of 2003, we acquired New Hampshire Helicopters and added yet another dimension to our growing company. Today we offer fixed-wing and rotor maintenance, as well as avionics installation and repair, in conjunction with our FBO services. Additionally, we are an authorized maintenance and avionics dealer for multiple well-known companies.

Other endeavors soon followed, including the partnering of Port City Air and Seacoast Aviation Cargo, a well-known entity at KPSM, in an effort to provide premium service to the cargo community. Through this partnership, cargo support equipment has been acquired and upgraded offering increased capabilities and attracting cargo carriers who use KPSM for support services, a satellite maintenance facility, or long or short term parking needs.

We have come a long way from a group of guys offering quality GA maintenance in an old military hangar. However, throughout our growth our mission has always remained the same: Differentiate ourselves through service. So regardless of how our customers arrive, albeit in a GA aircraft, helicopter, corporate jet, cargo, or commercial carrier, stellar service is job one. Our primary goal is to exceed expectations.

For those unfamiliar with Portsmouth International Airport (KPSM) please visit and enjoy all that beautiful New Hampshire has to offer beginning with the friendly and helpful staff at Port City Air. We are always interested in making new friends and reconnecting with old!


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