Air Taxi Service/Charter



Need to get to Logan and don’t want to deal with the stress, traffic, tolls and exorbitant parking fees? Sit back, enjoy the view and travel in luxury in one of our air-conditioned helicopters! Or, just close your eyes and relax listening to soothing music while you fly over the traffic and reach your destination in a tiny fraction of the time! Once at Logan, you will be personally chauffeured to your departing carrier. Returning? We can be there waiting for you!

Going to the Cape and want to avoid that Friday afternoon bridge traffic? We can get you there in under an hour!

Business meeting and need to get there now? Preferred customers coming to your facility and you want to provide top-notch service for them?

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Seacoast Helicopters
Pease International Tradeport
44 Durham Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
p:  1-800-SC-HELOS

104 Grafton Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 603-430-1111