Avionics and Maintenance Specials




GMA 345/342 Satisfaction Guarantee Program for Slide-in Installations

If upon completion of an initial evaluation flight after purchase and installation of the Garmin GMA 345 or GMA 342 you are not satisfied with the GMA 345 or GMA 342 installed, you may elect to have the GMA 340 or select slide-in compatible, third-party audio panel that was removed reinstalled and receive a complete refund of the GMA 345 or GMA 342 purchase price, including a reinstallation credit.This offer is available to customers who purchase the GMA 345 or GMA 342 to upgrade their existing GMA 340 or select third-party audio panels, which include the following:

  • PMA 8000 series and 450 series audio panels
  • Avidyne AMX 240
  • Bendix/King KMA 30

This offer is available through Dec. 31, 2017.

Garmin reserves the right to rescind or change this offer. This offer is only available through Port City Air Avionics Dept. and may not be combined with any other offer directly from Garmin. The reinstallation credit will be credited by Garmin directly to the Garmin dealer, and may not exceed $100.00 USD

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GTX™ 335 GPS Promotional Bundle — Save Hundreds!

Available until Dec. 29, 2017, a new GTX 335 GPS promotional bundle, including the GTX 335 with GPS transponder and GA 35 WAAS antenna, is available for a promotional list price of $2,995. This new promotional kit offers aircraft owners a completely stand alone ADS-B Out solution, perfect for those who have already inv Port City Air Avionics Dept.ested in a portable ADS-B in solution such as the GDL® 39. The GTX 335 with GPS comes in an attractive size and form factor, making it easy to replace the most popular transponders in the industry, such as the Garmin GTX 320, GTX 327 and many others.

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GTR 225A — Immediate Installation Incentive

Available until June 30, 2017, GTR 225A list price is reduced $500, for a new promotional list price of $2,495. This offers pilots a great way to save while upgrading to meet the Single European Sky initiative, under which all aircraft operating in Europe will need 8.33 kHz-capable comm radios by Jan. 1, 2018. Key features of the GTR 225A include 8.33 kHz spacing capability, frequency lookup, frequency identification, standby monitoring and more.

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GTX™ 345 Packages — Save Hundreds!

Back by popular demand, this limited-time offer for an ADS-B In/Out solution ends Dec. 29, 2017. For the list price of only $6,195, pilots can save hundreds by purchasing the GTX 345 with GPS and aera® 660 package, allowing them to display ADS-B traffic and weather on our latest aviation portable. Those looking for a panel mount solution may opt for the GTX 345R and GTN™ 625 package, giving them a GPS navigator with WAAS/LPV capability, an ADS-B compliant transponder and traffic and weather display capabilities for a list price of only $9,940.

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GTN™ 625 Promotion for New G3X™ Customers — Save Thousands!

Now through Dec. 29, 2017, customers who purchase a G3X or G3X Touch™ system have the option to purchase a GTN 625 WAAS GPS navigator with data card2 and GA 35 antenna at the reduced price of $5,4953.

The GTN 625 WAAS GPS navigator adds a certified, IFR-capable GPS position source to installations in light sport or experimental amateur-built aircraft. When interfaced to a GTX™ 45R remote mount ADS-B transponder, pilots will have an ADS-B-compliant installation with subscription-free traffic and weather4 displayed on the GTN 625 and G3X displays. GTN 625 is also GPS-approach ready, including localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV ) capability.

1GTN 625 must be purchased by the Garmin dealer on the same PO as a G3X or G3X Touch system, and only one GTN 625 per G3X or G3X Touch system is allowed. GTN 625 units purchased through this promotion must be installed with a G3X or G3X Touch system.

2This offer includes the Americas or international coverage area data cards. Worldwide data cards are available with this promotion for an additional $100.

3Price quoted reflects manufacturer‘s minimum advertised price (MAP) and actual price is determined by the dealer. Price is shown without installation cost; additional parts may be required. For more complete pricing information, including installation cost, please contact Port City Air Avionics Department.

4Subscription-free ADS-B (FIS-B) weather is available only in the United States.

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June 2017 Avidyne Special!

Avidyne April Special

To promote the certification of our new IFD550, during May, customers can get an AXP322 Remote-Mount ADS-B Out Transponder and a SkyTrax100 ADS-B IN Receiver for FREE with the purchase an IFD550 This represents a $5,498 retail value!.  See details below. 

Get an AXP322 Remote-Mount ADS-B Out Transponder and a SkyTrax100 ADS-B IN Receiver for FREE when you purchase an IFD550 ($5,498 value!).

Offer ends June 30, 2017.

Due to overwhelming response to our innovative new IFD550 and our “Buy an IFD550 and get Free ADS-B” offer, we’ve exceeded our forecast and have extended the offer 30 days while we replenish our product supply to allow those that missed out during the last few days of May to enjoy the benefits of this popular promotion.


AVIDYNE ADS-B AXP322Avidyne’s AXP322 is Avidyne’s Remote-Mount Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out. The AXP322 is easily controlled by the IFD interface.


AVIDYNE ADS-B SkyTrax100Avidyne’s SkyTrax100 provides ADS-B IN Traffic and Flight Information System-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather information.

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June 2017 Aspen Special!

image for aspen

Aspen Avionics is EXTENDING the May promotion and will continue to offer all ADS- B integration unlocks through June 30, 2017 at no charge with the purchase of any of the following discounted display systems:

    Evolution Pro 1000 Primary Flight Display -$750 list savings

Evolution Pro Plus Primary Flight Display (includes Angle of Attack and Synthetic Vision) – $2,000 list savings

Evolution 2500 System (Pro 1000 PFD, MFD500 and MFD1000 Multi-function displays) – $13,000+ list savings

To learn more about what ADS-B solution is right for you, please go to our ADS-B Configurator.

Offer expires June 30, 2017

With the purchase of the most feature-rich system on the market, the Evolution 2500, you will also receive FREE synthetic vision and FREE ADS-B unlocks on all three units and just to make it interesting, the MFD1000 will also include the external battery for FREE!

For current Evolution Pro 1000 PFD owners, upgrade to the Pro Plus which includes our award-winning Angle of Attack and Synthetic Vision for $2,995 – a savings of $2000!

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Kit Number:  ST-549

Description:  System 55X, 28V

UPGRADING SYSTEM FiftyFive TO FiftyFiveX – S-TEC will upgrade a System FiftyFive to the System FiftyFiveX. This upgrade provides the customer with an improved LCD display, integrated GPSS, lift compensation in turns, improved heading and course intercepts minimizing S-turning and improved ILS coupling, and more precise flight director performance. If the FiftyFive had a Remote Annunciator, it will need replacement with the improved display and proper annunciations. The Autopilot Disconnect Alarm Unit is included. Do not forget to offer other System FiftyFiveX upgrades, like the SA-200 Altitude Selector.

System FiftyFiveX Upgrade

List Price $16,258

PCA SALE PRICE  – $7,500

Fits BEECH Models

95-55, 95-A56, 95-B55, 95-B55A, 95-C55, 95-C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A, 56TC, A56TC, 95-B56B


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 2017 PCA Avionics Price List  

Additional Fixed Wing & Helicopter Avionics Products Available – Ask for more information.


GARMIN                Retail Price                        PCA Price
GTN 750 Touchscreen Navigator $17.200   $14,835
GTN 650 Touchscreen Navigator  $11,600    $10,005
 G600Integrated Flight Display w/SVT  $29,995    $25,870
G500 Integrated Flight Display  $15,995 $13,795
G500H Integrated Flight Display  $24,995 $21,557
GTS 800 Active Traffic System  $9,995 $8,620
GMA 350C  Audio Panel  $2,295  $1,979
GNC 255 Nav/Com $4,495    $3,876
GTX 335R ADS-B Transponder   $2,995  $2,583
GTX 335R w/GPS ADS-B Transponder  $3,795  $3,273
GTX 345 ADS-B Transponder   $4,995     $4,308

GTX 345 w/GPS ADS-B Transponder

G5  Advanced Attitude Display





IFD 540 WAAS   $15,999    $13,800
TAS 60System5 Active Traffic   $11,999   $9,488
System 30 Two Axis (Roll and Alt. Hold    $15,999   $12,878
System 55X Single Engine Autopilot   $19,995     $16,096
System 55X Twin Engine Autopilot    $24,867     $20,018
Aspen EFD 1000 Pro IFR PFD FDS $10,995  $9,482
Aspen EFD 1000 Pilot VFR FDS  $4,995  $4,309
Aspen EFD 1000 MFD    $8,995 $7,757
EFD 1000H Pro Helicopter PFD    $15,195  $13,106
Aspen EFD 500 MFD      $5,495  $4,739
SANDEL 3400H Heli Taws  $18,950   $15,254
L3 LYNX NGT-9000 Tchscrn Xpdr In/Out   $6,170  $5,322
Mid Continent SAM  MD302  $8,900    $7.676
MidContinent Life Saver Electric Att. Ind.    $4,740   $4,088
PMA450 Audio Panel  $2,595     $2,295
PMA 8000B Audio Panel    $1,895     $1,595
FDL 978 UAT XVR ADS-B Transceiver   $3,695     $3,187
RANGR-XVRL Sys. Transciever w/ WAAS/GPS $3,695    $3,187
Free Flight Radar RA 4000 Sensor System  $9,355   $8,068
KT74 Mode S, ADS-B Out, TIS  Xpdr $2,895    $2,497

*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice 


2017 PCA Helicopter Avionics Price List


                                                                                                            Retail Price         PCA Price

G500H Integrated Flight Display                                                        $24,995                $18,746

GTN 750H System                                                                                  $17,910                  $13,432

GTN 650H System                                                                                  $12,410                  $9,307

GTN 635H System                                                                                  $11,410                   $8,557

GDL 88H Standard, including connector kit, config                       $4,795                   $3,596

GDL 84H with Internal WAAS, Flight Stream 110 Std                   $5,995                    $4,496

GTX 33H System remote mount with installation kit                     $5,995                    $4,496

GMA 350Hc Standard Helicopter Bluetooth                                    $2,645                    $1,983

GMA350H System helicopter with installation kit                         $2,345                     $1785

GDL 69H SXM Datalink Receiver System with installation          $4,895                    $3,671


EFD 1000H PRO Helicopter PFD                                          .            $15,195                   $13,108

EFD1000H Pro PFD System, Bell 206 STC                                      $14,995                   $11,247

Standard EFD1000H Pilot System w/RSM  w/GPS                        $12,195                   $9,147

Standard EFD500H MFD System with Micro SD Card                  $7,495                     $5,622

Standard EFD1000H MFD System w/RSM Top                              $11,995                   $8,997


EX540 WAAS                                                                                           $16,999                   $15,640

EX440 WAAS                                                                                           $12,399                   $11,408

EX600 MFD                                                                                             $11,999                    $11,040

Active Traffic Systems 7 Products                                                           TAS Prices Starting at ;

TAS605A  Active Surveillance Traffic with ADS-B IN                     $12,749                    $11,730

AXP 340 ADS-B Out                                                                               $3,999                      $3,680


RA 4000 RADALT Sensor System                                                       $8,195                     $7,067


ST3400H HeliTaws                                                                                 $18,950                   $15,254

SA4550 Primary Attitude Display EHSI

ADS-B Solutions

L3 LYNX NGT 9000 TouchScreen Xpdr.w/ADS-B In/Out           $5,490                     $4,780

Garmin GTX335 Transponder w/ADS-B Out and GPS                  $3,795                      $3,273

Garmin GTX345 Transponder w/ADS-B In/Out and GPS            $5,795                      $4,998

GARMIN GTX 335 Transponder w/ADS-B Out                               $2,995                     $2,593

GARMIN GTX 345 Transponder w/ADS-B In/Out                        $4,995                      $4,308

BENDIXKING KT74 Transponder w/ADS-B Out                            $3,499                    $2,497

Appareo Stratus ESG  ADS-B In/Out                                                  $3,495                    Call For Information


MID Continent SAM  MD302                                                           $9,973                     $8,602

Mid Continent LifeSaver Electric Att. Ind.                                      $4,740                     $4,088

ARTEX ME406HM    ELT                                                                $1266                        Call PCA

*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice


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General Aviation ADS-B Rebate Program

The FAA is offering a $500 rebate to help owners of less-expensive general aviation aircraft equip now with the required avionics. Starting January 1, 2020, you must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace. Federal Regulations 14 CFR 91.225 and 14 CFR 91.227 contain the details. The program will run for one year from September 19, 2016 or until all 20,000 rebates have been claimed.


Are you eligible for a rebate?

Eligible aircraft: Defined as U.S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft whose operation requires an onboard pilot, first registered before Jan 1, 2016.

Eligible equipment: Avionics that are certified to FAA Technical Standard Orders and meet the program rules (software upgrades of existing equipment are not eligible). Rebates are not available for aircraft already equipped with rule compliant ADS-B or for aircraft the FAA has previously paid or committed to pay for upgrade(s) to meet the ADS-B mandate.



      Stratus_1S_2S_iPads-e1451926911308-825x568                              Stratus-ESG-iPad-c                  esg-box-e1467235772906

Stratus 2S (ADS-B IN)                             STRATUS (ADS-B IN/OUT)          STRATUS ESG ADS-B OUT

> Non-certified portable receiver             Certified 1090ES Transponder                 TSO’d 1090 ES Transponder
> Backup AHRS                                            Integrated with ForeFlight                        Built-In WAAS GPS
> Integrated with ForeFlight on iPad       Built-In WAAS GPS                                    GPS Antenna Included

$899                                                            $3,495.00                                                $2,995.00


Bryan Frobese   Avionics Mgr.   603 430-1111   bfrobese@portcityair.com



Save significant time and money by upgrading to the S-TEC 2100

auopilot and become ADS-B compliant at the same time!

Three Axis fully digital autopilot with
Altitude Preselect and Indicated Airspeed Control
• Single 1090 Out and Dual In 1090/978
• ADS-B weather including Nexrad, METARS,
• Internal ADS-B Compliant WAAS GPS
• WIFI Interface for ADS-B in data to display on
compatible tablet
Installation Cost
Performance Hurry, limited time offer: February 23 – June 30, 2017.
Visit www.genesys-aerosystems.com/promotions for details

2017 BENDIXKING Promotions







GTX 345/335  All-in-one Transponder Solution for ADS-B “Out” and “In”

  • 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” enables aircraft to operate at any altitude, in airspace around the globe
  • Combines Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder and optional WAAS/GPS position source in a single unit
  • Provides access to dual-link ADS-B “In” traffic and subscription-free weather on compatible displays
  • Wirelessly stream weather, traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via Connext™ link to Garmin Pilot™ and ForeFlight Mobile apps as well as the aera® 795/796 portables
  • Easy replacement for your existing transponder, with common 1.65-inch tall form factor

As the industry leader in ADS-B solutions, Garmin has tailored a full range of transponder-based upgrade options that enable operators to meet ADS-B requirements with minimal expense, downtime and disruption to their panels. As a bonus, these all-in-one Garmin packages can also provide access to subscription-free weather1 and datalink traffic capabilities offered by ADS-B “In”. The alldigital Garmin GTX 345 and GTX 335 are both compact panel-mount units that look and operate like standard Mode S transponders. But with the addition of 1090 MHZ ADS-B “Out” transmission capability (using precise GPSreferenced positioning information) both transponders are able to automatically output the more accurate, more dynamic traffic surveillance data that NextGen airspace implementation requires. The GTX 335 model is an ADS-B “Out” only solution, while the GTX 345 adds ADS-B “In” capability as well, enabling it to receive and overlay subscription-free weather1 and traffic information on compatible displays and select portable devices – by using Garmin Connext™ to wirelessly stream the data via Bluetooth® technology. For owners who don’t already have a WAAS-capable GPS navigator in their aircraft, both transponders also offer the option of a built-in, ADS-B compliant WAAS position source. For added situational awareness, the GTX 345 further incorporates a built-in audio output for audible traffic and altitude alerts1 , which can be integrated into existing audio panels. The GTX series can also be paired with an optional Garmin altitude encoder to satisfy data transmission requirements for IFR. And for even more flexibility, optional remote mount GTX 345/335 versions are available for compatibility with the GTN™ 750/650 series of touchscreen GPS/Comm/Nav systems, as well as the GNS 480 GPS/Comm/Nav and select Garmin G1000® integrated flight deck systems – all of which provide built-in remote transponder code selection and control. The standard size and form factor of the 1.65-inch high GTX 345/335 series panel-mount units assure an easy replacement for most popular Mode S or Mode C transponders – keeping avionics rework and installation downtime to an absolute minimum.


2017 L3 NGT 9000 ADS-B RecommendedProduct

            L3 Logo                                                                      

   System includes

– NGT-9000 Transponder / Display

– Installation Kit

– Detachable Configuration Module

– Wi-Fi Interface Module PIM-9000

-GPS/WAAS Antenna Rectangular

Lynx NGT 9000 ADS B

Replace your transponder today and start enjoying the benefits and peace of mind that Lynx provides. L-3’s Lynx NGT-9000 is an ADS-B In/Out transponder that’s also a touchscreen display for traffic, weather, airport data and restricted airspace. Lynx is a single-box ADS-B solution with an embedded GPS-WAAS, eliminating the complexity and cost of multiple components.



BRIDGE REBATE PROGRAM OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM Please complete this form and submit to rebate@freeflightsystems.com. Your Name: (First, Last): __________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________________ State: __________________________________________________ Zip: _________________ Phone Number: _______________ Email address: ___________________________________________ SELECT PRODUCT: ¨ RANGR Blue FDL-978-XVR ¨ RANGR Blue FDL-978-XVR/G ¨ 1203C SBAS/GNSS Sensor SELECT APPLICABLE REBATE: ¨ $500 new delivery ¨ $100 “Thank You” retroactive delivery Product Serial Number: ___________________________ Name of Dealer/Installer: __________________________ Date of Installation: _____________________________ Other items: ¨ Proof of system purchase (required) ¨ Photo of installation (required) By submitting this form, you agree to allow FreeFlight Systems use of your photo and first name for marketing purposes. To protect your privacy, we will not publish your last name or N-number without explicit permission. ¨ It’s ok to use my last name and N-number (optional) ¨ It’s ok to contact me about my RANGR for additional marketing purposes (optional)

Financing Available!

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General Aviation ADS-B Rebate Program



Starting this Fall, the FAA is offering a monetary incentive to help owners of less-expensive general aviation aircraft equip with the required avionics that comply with the ADS-B Out rule that will take effect Jan. 1, 2020. The agency will offer a $500 rebate to eligible aircraft owners.

Are you eligible for a rebate?

Eligible aircraft: Defined as U.S.-registered, fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft, first registered before Jan 1, 2016.

Eligible equipment: Avionics that are certified to FAA Technical Standard Orders and meet the program rules (software upgrades of existing equipment are not eligible). Rebates are not available for aircraft already equipped with rule compliant ADS-B or for aircraft the FAA has previously paid or committed to pay for upgrade(s) to meet the ADS-B mandate.

Read the full program rules. (PDF)

Start the Rebate process now by doing the following:

  • Validate:Review and validate the aircraft owner information and aircraft-specific information contained within the Civil Aircraft Registry. The FAA will determine rebate program eligibility using the information in the Civil Aircraft Registry, and all rebates will be mailed to the aircraft owner as recorded in the registry. Visit the FAA Registry.
  • Research:Go to the Equip ADS-B website to research eligible equipment. This website includes additional information about ADS-B mandate airspace.
  • Plan:Locate a certified installation location, if required, and determine the specific aircraft requirements to ensure the installation is performed in accordance with applicable FAA regulations and meets the requirements identified in the General Aviation ADS-B Rebate Program Rules. While you may purchase the equipment now, your installation must occur after the program website is opened to rebate reservations to qualify for the rebate. The anticipated timeframe is estimated as Fall 2016.



GARMIN Advanced Attitude Display for Certificated Aircraft

  • Replaces traditional electromechanical attitude indicator or turn coordinator
  • Integrates with aircraft’s existing pitot/static system
  • Offers bright, sunlight-readable 3.5-inch (88.9 mm) LCD color display
  • Sized to fit standard 3-1/8 inch (79.4 mm) instrument cutout
  • Includes a 4-hour back-up battery with battery status indicator

The compact and cost-effective G5 electronic flight instrument delivers exceptional performance and reliability as a standalone primary source for aircraft attitude information. It also displays secondary information, such as airspeed and altitude, to offer enhanced situational awareness. G5 features an economical upgrade path in type certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft, accomplished via supplemental type certificate (STC) with a comprehensive approved model list (AML). The safety-enhancing capabilities of G5 revolutionize general aviation (GA) by bringing modern attitude reference to thousands of aircraft that would otherwise depend on older, vacuum-driven equipment.

Innovative Technology for GA Aircraft

In place of a primary attitude indicator or turn coordinator, the G5 electronic flight instrument is approved for installation — via a Garmin-held STC — for hundreds of certificated fixed-wing aircraft models. Valid for flight under VFR and IFR conditions, G5 is an economical upgrade path for thousands of owners seeking an electrically driven attitude indicator with greater dependability and internal redundancy over vacuum-driven attitude flight instruments.

See More, Clearly

Boasting a bright, 3.5-inch sunlight-readable LCD display, G5 is approved as a primary source for aircraft attitude information. Plus, it serves as a secondary source for altitude, airspeed and vertical speed — all in a single instrument. Installation is simple and easy; G5 integrates with the aircraft’s existing pitot/static system and displays attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, slip/skid, turn rate, ground track, configurable V-speed references, barometric setting and selected altitude as well as visual alerts upon arriving at the pre-selected altitude. Built-in GPS provides GPS-based track and groundspeed information, and a dedicated rotary knob allows for easy adjustments to altitude bugs and barometric pressure settings.

Seamless Installation

Installed in a standard 3-1/8 inch (79.4 mm) instrument hole, G5 measures 3 inches in depth and includes a back-up battery so it easily integrates into a wide range of aircraft. Installation is further simplified as G5 only needs power, ground, pitot/static and GPS inputs so it also integrates with the aircraft’s existing systems. For aircraft without a compatible GPS position input, an optional GPS antenna is available. As part of the STC, G5 includes a 4-hour back-up battery, and pilots can easily reference battery status in the upper left-hand corner of the display.

HeliSAS® New for R44

Autopilot and Stability Augmentation System



  • NEW  Robinson R44 helicopters
  • Light and medium helicopters
  • Lightweight, easy to install, affordable, expandable

HeliSAS available for additional makes and models.

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