U.S. Customs and Border Protection



Year round 24/7 CBP

Pease International Airport offers year round 24/7 CBP coverage with a commitment to having a good experience moving through the CBP clearance process.

Learning about traveler entry forms, agricultural products allowed and prohibited, what items are dutiable, and other information about the process will help you move speedily through the CBP process. When you touch down, a friendly, courteous Customs and Border Protection Officer greets you at your door and will expedite the process.

Customs and Border Protection
42 Airline Avenue Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 603-422-0910
Fax:   603-422-0914


Customs Availability Inbound/Outbound
International/Airport of Entry Yes
Landing Rights Airport Yes
U.S. Visit Airport Non-US Citizen Fingerprint/photo required
Max Number Crew and Pax Unlimited
Hours of Operation Portsmouth CBP Processes All Arriving Flights 24/7Note: Port City Air would be happy to liaise with CBP on customers behalf
Forms Required
Private Flights CBP form 5129 CBP form 6059-B
Commercial Flights Inbound:    CBP form 5129 CBP form 6059-B
Outbound: GenDec: Stamped
Clearance Information
Clearing Location F.I.S.
Customs Clearing Procedures APU may be left runningCrew/pax to remain onboard until approached by CPB Agent
Update Required During Normal Business Hours If ETA is: +/- 15 mins
Update Required After Hours if ETA is:  +/- 15 mins
Available Yes
Notification Required No
Able to Process US/CDN
Green Card Holders
Visa Waiver Program
Visa Holders
Available All Flights
 If you are travelling international or are an international visitor, you can get up to date information from the CPB by clicking here.
Port City Air Military
104 Grafton Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 603-430-1111
Website: www.portcityair.com
Email: csr@portcityair.com