Seacoast Air Cargo



Port City Air partners with SeaCoast Cargo to provide complete cargo handling. Build, break, load, offload and onload – PCA has it covered. Our specialty is cross dock transfer fly-truck, truck-fly operations. We also offer 45,000 square feet of warehouse facilities and are located adjacent to rail, deep water port and I-95. With Boston less than an hour away and New York City four hours away, we’re a cost-effective full-service access point to the Eastern Seaboard.

We service aircraft from Lear jets to Boeing 747s

Foreign Trade Zone #81

SeaCoast Aviation Air Cargo satisfies the needs of:

  • Air-Net
  • UPS Expedite
  • Polet Cargo Airlines
  • Active Aero
  • Kalita Air
  • IFL
  • Capitol Air Cargo
  • Volga-Dnper Heavy Lift
  • USA Jet
  • Royal Air
  • Amerijet International
  • SeaCoast Aviation Air Cargo Division

Services currently available at SeaCoast Aviation Air Freight terminal:

  • Aircraft Loading and Off-Loading
  • Freight Build Up
  • Freight Break Down
  • Direct aircraft to truck cross-dock transfers
  • On Demand Charter Handling
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Contract Pricing

Use SeaCoast Aviation for all your PSM air freight needs:

  • No apron weight limit
  • 150 acres of ramp space
  • Zero landing fees, low ramp fees
  • Belt Loaders
  • Slave Pallets (40)
  • Forklifts up to 27,000 lbs
  • Air Stairs- up to 209 inch height
  • Container loaders up to 15,000 lb – 747 main deck
  • 20,000 lb scales New Hampshire State Certified
  • 6000 square feet heated freight built up area w/ direct ramp access
  • Air Starts, ground power units, and portable ramp lighting on site
  • Passenger service available at airport
  • Adjacent to deep-water seaport, major interstate and railway systems
  • Contract fuel (through Port City Air, sister company)
  • Experienced Load Crews
  • Full Customs on site11,318 ft. runway w/ ILS
  • In-Facility Office Rental
  • De-Ice/Anti-Ice Capabilities
  • Overnight Parking
  • Crew transport, hotel arrangements, etc.

DSC05804 (2)  Good 23  Seacoast and 2 Antonov northPort City Air Military



104 Grafton Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 603-430-1111