We understand charters. We understand itineraries, deadlines, schedule changes, and special requests. Attention to detail is paramount. Being our customers “boots on the ground” is our calling.

Therefore we have built an infrastructure second to none for the sole purpose of servicing charters.  With around the clock Customs facility, gourmet catering services, and 24/7 staff Port City Air can handle any operation, any time.

Our impressive fleet of ground service equipment can accommodate all aircraft up to and including the Airbus 380.  Our state of the art terminal has both domestic and international processing capabilities and our staff has been trained to GSC standards.

We offer cargo handling, import/export service as well as any size passenger and baggage handling request. Every operation is assigned a hand-picked employee from our staff who oversees their assigned operation from beginning to end. Every request, every need, every concern is addressed. Give Port City Air a call. See what we can do for you.

Commerical Operators

  • 11,321 ft. Runways
  • All size aircraft welcomed
  • ARFF Index E 24/7
  • Customs & Border Protection 24/7
  • Passenger Terminal Usage
  • Terminal or remote operation
  • De-Ice/Anti-Ice Type 1 and IV
  • Aircraft Cleaning: Galley, Lavatories, Cabin, Crew Rest Area, First Class
  • Catering/ De-Catering
  • International Trash Removal
  • Restock Inflight Beverages and Supplies
  • Crew transport
  • Multiple Contract Fuel options
  • Fueling capabilities: 40,000 gallons rolling, 75,000 gallons storage
  • GSC Qualified Staff
  • Ops assistance
  • Cargo handling
  • Foreign Trade Zone #81
  • Zero landing fees

 Corporate Operators

  • 11,321 ft. Runways
  • ARFF Index E 24/7
  • Customs & Border Protection Officers on site 24/7
  • Catering/De-Catering
  • International Trash Removal
  • De-Ice/Anti-Ice Type 1 and IV
  • Concierge services for hotels, transport, etc.
  • Secure aircraft parking for privacy and VIPs
  • Wheel-chair assist
  • Contract fuel
  • Zero landing fees
  • Special handling and passenger requests welcome

Port City Air boasts that for a G5 clearing Customs and requesting 3500 gallons of fuel, our Line crew can turn in 25 mintues!

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Port City Air Military

104 Grafton Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 603-430-1111