Big Airport Capabilities, Small Airport Convenience


Port City Air (PCA) is a full service 24/7 FBO and multi-faceted aviation services company located at KPSM, Portsmouth International Airport along the beautiful New Hampshire coastline. For over a quarter of a century, Port City Air has developed a quiet reputation for exceeding expectations.  Growing its wide and robust variety of ground support equipment, fuel capacity,  refueling fleet as well as investment in employee training and retention that’s resulted in unmatched experience, unrivaled capabilities and extremely high service levels. Our nimbleness and reliability have earned us a solid reputation of success leaving our customers satisfied and eager to return.

We also provide, through our FAR Part 145 Repair Station, turbine and piston maintenance for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters along with a full avionics shop.  In 2020 we began providing 24/7 mobile AOG services for business jets covering all of New England.

Business Jet Operators – Scheduled & Charter Airlines - Cargo Freighters – Import/Exports -U.S. and Foreign Military all choose Portsmouth and Port City Air for their international tech-stops and other flight missions because they know what to expect, which is an unwavering focus to support our customers’ needs with reliable and high levels of support, experience and capabilities seldom found even at larger metropolitan airports. Yes, we can handle that!!

 Port City Air’s capabilities include a large fleet of modern refuelers and deicers, multiple fuel farms and top-of the-line, reliable ground support equipment with built up redundancy ensuring we always have what is needed when its needed. With a dedicated core of highly trained line service technicians and exceptionally attentive customer service teams we are Ready, Willing and Able to support any flight operation 24/7/365.

Extensive Airport Infrastructure

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease is a joint civil and military use airport located within an easy one hour drive of Boston, MA in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

  • 11,321’ X 150’ fully reconstructed runway in 2020
  •  FAA Part 139 Airport with 24/7 airport operations
  •  Unlimited weight bearing capacity for all GA, commercial, cargo and           military aircraft
  •  24/7 ATC and ARFF/CFR  (ARFF E)
  • U.S. Customs Port of Entry – with high pax count clearance                capability utilizing hardstand or jet bridge operations
  • 150 Acres of unrestricted weight parking aprons
  • Newly expanded 55,000 sq.ft commercial/international terminal 
  • Two Jet Bridges and gates allowing for simultaneous domestic and            international operations 
  • Experienced airport winter operations team supported by large fleet of modern GPS tracked snow removal equipment that can clear all 11,321′ of runway and main taxiways in under 20 minutes.

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Exceptional Line Service Capabilities

PCA is truly one-of-a-kind, with highly trained and experienced staff with the right equipment to support and service any aircraft in the world.  

  • Quick Turn International Tech Stops
  • Low Fuel Rates (Direct or Contract)
  • NATA Safety 1st Trained Staff with enhanced training from Titan Aviation Fuels (Shell), major air carriers and the DoD.

Extensive Fueling Capability:

  • 270,000+ gallon Jet A capacity
  • Seven 10,000-gallon refuelers
  • Three 7,000-gallon refuelers
  • Two 5,000-gallon refuelers

Diverse Ground Service Capabilities:

  • Multiple 400 HZ GPU’s from120-180 KVA
  • Multiple TLD 28VDC GPUs
  • Multiple Air Start units to start anything from biz jets to B747s
  • Multiple Lavatory Service carts up-to wide-body Lav service trucks
  • Multiple Narrow and Wide-body, airstairs and belt loaders
  • Tow bars for all Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and more plus maintenance stands, bottled O2 & N2 svc, light stands, fork lifts, scissor and boom lifts.  Anything and everything needed.
  • 2018 Global ER-2875TE Extended Reach (78’ Boom Height)
  • 2018 Global 2200TE with a (47’working height)
  • 2015 Premier/Textron Extended Reach (65’ Boom Height)
  • All with Type I, IV and hot air
  • Year round training to NATA and commerical air carrier standards
  • Global state of the art V.R. training simulator using Occulus R

Hangars, Concierge Service & Sustainability

Port City Air offers five large heated hangars supporting the largest business jets. Exceptional concierge level customer service worthy of our status in the Paragon Network of fine FBO’s worldwide and an ongoing sustainability program focused on the future.

  • 120,000 sq.ft. of heated hangar space
  • Competitive Transient Hangar Rates
  • Long-Term competitive based rates and in-house maintenance
  • Turnkey office space for Part 91/135 operations with remodeled offices, conference rooms, kitchenette and showers.
  • New epoxy floors in 3 hangars installed (summer 2020)
  • Enhanced security with HD/infared security cameras and electronic security card access throughout our campus.
  • The latest high capacity, battery powered towbarless Lektros and a new TLD TMX-50. Your aircraft has never been in safer hands.
One thing you can always expect is our caring, friendly and attentive customer service and concierge teams that supplement our great FBO accommodations for passengers and flight crews.
  • Our customer service, concierge staff and line service teams have long tenure (avg. 7+ years), hard to come by in the FBO industry.
  • Fresh locally roasted gourmet coffee, complimentary water, soft drinks and snacks and a comfortable crew lounge, showers, conference room and weather planning areas to work and rest. 
  • Clean, modern fleet of five Ford Explorer crew cars and a Tesla too

We’re doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • 300 Kilowatt Solar installed on two hangar roofs driving all the power needs of the FBO facility with more coming on-line soon
  • Ten EV charging stations, expanding to 20 in 2024!
  • Complimentary 2019 Tesla Model-3 crew car
  • Plans for offering Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in the near future

For more information or to make a reservation please call 603-430-1111 or email
You can also request services online via Flight Bridge.

International Tech Stops

We know your schedules are tight, and limited ground time during a technical stop is paramount, which is why we make tech stops a top priority.  Our dedicated International Tech Stop concierge teams greet every flight. Positive and always sharp, with everything you could possibly need or request and of course, a gift bag of sweet treats your crew and passengers will surely love.

With on-field U.S. Customs and an FIS facility with no passenger size limitations Portsmouth has become a leader and primary stopping point for trans-Atlantic technical stops. Experienced at international quick turns for business jets and wide-body aircraft, we offer exceptional service, convenience and privacy at lower costs than other locations in the Northeast. 

  • The easiest crew swaps ever; with Boston (KBOS) 1hr away and great hotel options in downtown Portsmouth, keeping crews happy and rested.
  • Complimentary Coffee, Ice, Newspapers
  • Ag/International Trash certified at very low rates
  • On-field gourmet inflight caterer, Great Circle Catering is always ready to support anything needed from steak dinners to crew box lunches and the most amzaing lobster rolls you’ve ever had. 
  • Full GSE capabilities, ready when needed: GPU, Air Start, Stairs, lav, potable water, tire service
  • Low International fuel Direct and Contract Fuel rates
  • New refueler fleet of three 7,000-gallon Skymark trucks and four 10,000-gallon refuelers
  • New De-ice fleet of Global and Premier De-icers with Type I and IV with boom heights to 78’
  • 24/7 Control Tower, Airport Operations and Security (PSM is a FAR Part 139 airport)
  • U.S. Custom Port of Entry (tel: 603-422-0910, fac: 603-422-0914)
  • AOG services available through Port City Air’s FAR Part 145 Repair Station

For more information or to make a reservation please call 603-430-1111 or email
You can also request services online via Flight Bridge.

Aircraft Maintenance

Jet Maintenance

Port City Air now offers AOG and scheduled jet maintenance. We respond 24/7 to AOG situations anywhere in New England (NH, ME, MA, CT, RI). With decades of experience our jet maintenance team is here to support your needs. Port City Air provides aircraft maintenance and management for a wide variety of Beechcraft, Cessna, Gulfstream Bombardier, and Falcon Jet aircraft and coordinates with OEM’s for warranty and scheduled maintenance.

  • Troubleshooting and repair of major and minor systems
  • 24-hour AOG and scheduled maintenance and avionics support for Part 135 and Part 91 business jet and turboprop operators serving airports throughout the six New England states including the cape and islands and New York State.

Helicopter Maintenance

Turbine Helicopter specialists we have all the resources and expertise to perform light and heavy scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on a wide variety of turbine and piston helicopters. Some of the largest helicopter operators in New England choose Port City Air for all their maintenance needs. No job is to small or large.

PCA is an authorized repair station for:

  • Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter)
  • Leonardo Helicopters (formerly AgustaWestland)

Port City Air now has 24/7 AOG Support
Available Throughout New England

Avionics Sales & Service

With over 50 years of combined avionics experience, our team of FAA certified technicians strive to be an aircraft owners first choice for all their avionics needs. Whether it’s a minor repair or a full glass panel upgrade, Port City Air provides unparalleled craftsmanship and integrity. Our team takes pride in our work with each and every aircraft. From light GA to business jets and helicopters, our team has the experience.

Services Include:

  • IFR/VFR certifications
  • Avionics installation
  • Avionics troubleshooting & servicing
  • AOG Avionics repairs and troubleshooting
  • Panel Design

Full Service Dealer for:

  • Garmin, Aspen, Appareo, PS Engineering, Genesys Aerosystems (Moog Inc.), FreeFlight, L3 Harris.

Piston Maintenance

Originally founded in 1997 as Port City Aircraft Repair, focused on light single and multi-engine piston aircraft maintenance, today we continue the tradition of providing quality work at a fair price. Uncompromising, our team of A&P’s provide a wide range of traditional aircraft maintenance services while keeping up to date on the latest complex composite aircraft. From homebuilts and Piper Cubs to the latest Cirrus and Columbia aircraft our experienced team will work with you to keep you flying safely.

  • Cessna service center
  • Annual and 100-hour inspections
  • Schedule and unscheduled maintenance
  • Major and Minor repairs and modifications
  • Engine swaps and upgrades

Commercial and Charter Airline Handling & Services

Port City Air’s capabilities don’t stop at the end of the FBO ramp. Not commonly seen at most FBOs (even the big box chains), is our capability to support narrow and widebody commercial charter and scheduled service operations both above and below wing, are a pleasant surprise to some and relied upon by many. 

Our incredible air carrier customer services teams compliment the expertise of our line service technicians by providing best in class above wing services on a daily basis. We successfully turn 90% of the scheduled charter CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) missions to and from Europe as well as scheduled service flights for Allegiant Airlines, Frontier and countless sports team charters, international VIP and VVIP flights on Boeing Business Jets from B-737-700 to B-777.  Our ability to support multiple simultaneous widebody operations, both domestic and international has come from years of methodically building our wide variety of special Ground Support Equipment and our incredibly dedicated and experienced staff.  

Flexible, with the ability to rapidly flex staffing levels to meet the demands of a mostly dynamic ad-hoc schedule, Port City Air excels in its ability to support air carrier, charter operations, new scheduled service operations, and military transient traffic efficiently, keeping our customers on time and on budget. 

Contact us to discuss your operational requirements at KPSM. We are always available to provide a full tour of airport facilities and our capabilities.

Above Wing

  • Services include check-in counter operations, gate operations, jet bridge operation, pushback, ground-to-cockpit comms
  • TSA Security checkpoint for scheduled operations and PCSSP locations for charters
  • Jetbridge and power in/power out hardstand operations
  • Turn clean and RON clean services
  • On-field flight kitchen with experience in all manner of airline catering requirements
  • Hi-Lift catering and trash trucks
  • International trash services
  • Support for crew transfers
  • Support for crew HOTAC

In January 2021 the all new check-in, gate, baggage and security areas as well as a second jet bridge has opened for business.  It also includes a new Airside Cafe offering light snacks and beverages in the post-TSA checkpoint gate areas.

Portsmouth International Airport just completed a major renovation and expansion project in 2021

Below Wing

There are few, if any, FBO’s that have the Ground Service Equipment (GSE), Refueling and De-icing capabilities and the Ramp and Facility space to support multiple, simultaneous large aircraft/air carrier operations. We work closely with airport management to provide turn-key airline services out of the international-capable air terminal located at KPSM. 
  • Multiple push-back tugs rated up to A380
  • Tow bars for all current Boeing, Airbus, Canadair and Embraer product lines
  • Multiple sets of narrow and widebody air stairs
  • Wide-body capable ADA boarding ramp
  • Multiple 180 KVA GPU’s
  • Multiple high capacity Air Start units
  • Multiple wide-body capable lav carts
  • De-Ice capabilities to support B747/A380 with 65’ and 78’ extended reach booms
  • All our refuelers have lift platforms
Port City Air has extensive experience handling simultaneous CRAF and scheduled service operations as well as diversion and IROP flights.


We are a preferred diversion airport for a number of international and domestic airlines. With our air carrier support capabilities and convenient location to Boston, Logan International Airport (1 hour drive) and the major international airports of New York & New Jersey (4-5 hr drive), airlines have multiple options to support diverted international or domestic flights.

Quick turn fuel and go’s or termination flights are all easily handled at KPSM giving your team more options to handle passengers than other diversion airports further north.

  • Fuel & Go option
  • Direct aircraft to ground transportation options (domestic)
  • Access to multiple bus/coach line
  • PCA can quickly ramp-up staffing to support large multi-aircraft diversions
  • On Airport inflight kitchen can quickly put together pax convenience snacks/meals and drinks
  • 24 Hour airport operations staff

Flexible, with the ability to rapidly flex staffing levels to meet the demands of a mostly dynamic adhoc schedule, Port City Air excels in its ability to support air carrier, charter operations, new scheduled service operations, and military transient traffic effeciently, keeping our customers on time and on budget. 

Contact us to discuss irregular operation options at KPSM. We are always available to provide a full tour of airport facilities and our capabilities and set up formal plans to handle a wide variety of options to ensure your passengers and crew are taken care of.


Port City Air, has a long history of supporting aircraft from all branches of the U.S. Military as well as foreign military aircraft. With uncompromised service and superior capabilities, the PCA team regularly handles multiple simultaneous operations of C-17, C5A/B, KC-135, KC-10, C-130 and other large military cargo transport aircraft and fighter groups/detachments.

Foreign militaries select PCA year after year for our capabilities, service and hospitality. From a single C-130 to a contingent of tankers, heavy lift and fighter aircraft operating multiple sorties every day, we have the facilities to support any mission.

As a former SAC base, KPSM has a tremendous amount of hardened ramp space and we’ve seen up to 12+ AMC aircraft at once and over 25 fighter jets at once. Our 11,321’X 150’ runway and ramp load bearing can handle anything flying, from C5’s, KC10s to the AN124 and AN225.

PCA’s dedicated military concierge team will provide assistance with hotel and rental car reservations plus we have a fleet or complimentary U-Drives (Ford Explorers and a Tesla Model 3).

For more information about Military / DoD Operations, please call 603-430-1177 or email

Services & Equipment Available
  • DLA Fuel Contract
  • Fleet of newer 10,000 gallon and 7,500 gallon refuelers
  • On-Field U.S. Customs Port of Entry
  • Air Stairs (plus high stairs to reach the upper deck of C-5 Galaxy’s)
  • De-Icing (High-lift boom to 78’ to reach over the tail of C-5 Galaxy plus 65’ and 45’ Boom units)
  • Air Start Units (multiple)
  • 400hz GPUS (multiple)
  • LOX Available 24/7 via 50 Gallon US military LOX cart, aviator grade
  • Lav Carts
  • Nitro-Cart
  • Engine Stands
  • U-Drives

Air Charter

Based at Portsmouth International Airport, Air New England connects regional business markets and resort destinations in New England with Major Metropolitan Areas in the Northeast U.S. and Canada. To plan your next trip with ANE, call or email us today!