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Military Operations

PCA Front Desk

KPSM U.S. Customs 24/7

NHANG Base Ops
603-430-2459 (Com)

Port City Air – ARINC



Port City Air has a long history of supporting aircraft from all branches of the U.S. Military as well as foreign military aircraft. With uncompromising service and superior capabilities, the PCA team regularly handles multiple simultaneous operations of C-17, C-5, KC-135, KC-10, KC-46, C-130 and other large military cargo transport aircraft and
fighter groups/detachments.

As a former SAC base, KPSM has a tremendous amount of hardened ramp space and we’ve seen up to 12+ AMC aircraft at once and over 25 fighter jets at once. Our 11,321’X 150’ runway and ramp load bearing can handle anything flying, from C5’s, KC10s to the
AN124 and AN225.

PCA’s dedicated military concierge team will provide assistance with hotel and rental car reservations plus we have a fleet or complimentary U-Drives (Ford Explorers and a Tesla Model 3).

Read on to learn more about PCA and the NH Seacoast.

Ground Services

  • Transport / U-Drives
  • Air Stairs
  • Ground Power Units
  • LAV / Fleet Services
  • Potable Water
  • Nitro Cart
  • Air Starter
  • Marshalling
  • LOX Services
  • Ramp Fees
  • Landing Fees


FBO & Airport Information

How does 11,321 ft (2 miles) of runway work for you? Port City Air (PCA) provides exemplary ground support for all branches of the armed services as well as every conceivable civilian operation.

  • All Military Welcome – Trainers, Transports, Fighters, or Helicopters
  • Open 24/7/365
  • Full concierge services available including hotel reservations
  • A fleet of complimentary crew cars (U-Drives)
  • No PPR Required
  • Customs on Field (24/7/365)
  • DoD Contract Fuel
  • Fuel Available with / without FSII
  • Never wait for fuel
  • DoD-operated tower
  • Modern Deicing Fleet (65′ & 75′ booms)
  • LOX Capable (50 gallon LOX cart)
  • GPUs / Air Starts / Air Stairs
  • Cargo Handling (Main Deck & K-Loader)

Fueling Needs

Port City Air has two fuel farms with a combined total re-fueling capacity of nearly 2,000,000 lbs of Jet-A. With a fleet of five 10,000 gallon refuelers, Port City Air can make quick work of your fueling needs. Never wait for fuel!

Ground Service

Port City Air has a fleet of ground service equipment to meet the needs of any flight operation, from high capacity air starts to 400Hz GPUs. Additionally, we have Aviator Grade LOX Service – with our new Essex Industries 50 gallon LOX cart.


Pease / Portsmouth International Airport has been closed due to weather a total of just 5 hours over the past 10 years. This is mainly to do with our state-of-the-art ground clearing fleet that can clear the airport in under 20 minutes. Port City Air’s de-icing capabilities are unsurpassed with our 65′ and 75′ boom de-icing trucks. “We’ve got your tail covered!”

Cargo Handling

Port City Air is capable of handling large cargo operations with our new JBT Commander C30i Main Deck Loader (up to 33,000 lbs) with lower deck capability and a Condec K-Loader for C-130 and C-17 pallet loading. We also have a variety of heavy forklifts with capacities up to 30,000 pounds. Experienced in pallet build ups, and with cross-dock capabilities, we’re ready to load any C-130, KC-135, KC-10, C-17, or C-5 aircraft.

Aircraft Lower Deck Main Deck

For commercial applications, the Commander C30i is capable of supporting the entire Boeing lineup and most Airbus airframes. For lower deck (belly) freight, where the Commander C30i is not the perfect apparatus, our main deck capable Condec K-Loader will more than do the job, especially with C-130 aircraft and longer cargo.

Local Amenities

Relax, We've Got You Covered

We strive to make sure we earn our unofficial motto of A Uniquely Fun Crew Rest Destination. From breweries, bike rentals, and Lobstah Runs, to shooting ranges, golfing, and beach going — let Port City Air be your off-base MWR. Sign out fishing gear, park games, golf clubs, bike or ski racks, and we will let you know where the fun and adventure is. Time to explore!

Downtown Portsmouth is just 3 miles from Port City Air and we provide complimentary U-Drives for you to get to town. Feel free to take them into Boston (1hr drive) or up to the White Mountains (we’re only 2 hours from Mount Washington).

Ask about our 'Lobstah Run'

Whether you’re coming in for a quick tech stop or will be spending some time on the ground, why not have one of our friendly Customer Service Reps go get some real “Maine Lobstahs” that will assuredly be a hit at your final destination.

Just let us know how many you want to pay for and we will have them packed in Styrofoam coolers and ready to leave when you are.

Portsmouth, NH

In town you will find more than forty restaurants, bars, and brew pubs to enjoy. There are five 4-star hotels downtown and another six hotels within a few miles.

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